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mRenovo® is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for metal engineering works.

mRenovo® is rich in features. It supports storing of comprehensive history of maintenance activities, detailed
maintenance planning, check lists for maintenance staff, failure reports, reporting, timeline views for different maintenance activities, maintenance reminders, full scale failure report life-cycle support, support for preventive maintenance life-cycle etc. among many others.

Simplify with mRenovo®

We believe that many CMMS in the market place are far too complex. With mRenovo® instead, despite of various features of the software, simplicity has not been forgotten. Whole user interface has been developed with ease of use in mind. A good indicator of this that mRenovo® can be taken in use totally remotely, without assistance on site.

Inspire with mRenovo®

One of our philosophies is that maintenance is responsibility for everyone in the organization. With mRenovo® we inspire whole organization to take responsibility. With other CMMS in the market place, it tends to be that only few people can really master CMMS. Many times this is due to complexity of the CMMS. Eventually that leads to situation, where CMMS is in place, but not really used. This does not suit to our thinking and with mRenovo® this kind of situation can be avoided.

Save with mRenovo®

Investment in mRenovo® will result into more cost-efficient maintenance and improved down-time for metalworking machines. Due to low investment costs it also suits very well to smaller scale metal engineering works. There is no need for additional hardware investments in addition to normal office desktops / laptops. Taking mRenovo® in use can be done remotely and training can be done remotely, which naturally saves costs.

In case you’re interested to learn more, please do not hesitate to leave your contact information to us and we will tell you more.